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New Product Announcement - LTS 100TM Laser Temperature Sensor
February 2004

Measurement Range: 900 – 2500 K
Accuracy: 50 K
Sample Rate: 200 Hz
Path length: 30 cm to 10 m

MetroLaser has developed a tunable diode laser sensor, the LTS 100, for simultaneously measuring path averaged temperature and water vapor concentrations in high temperature gaseous flows.

We set out to develop a new commercial temperature and chemical sensor primarily for high temperature gas combustion measurement and process control applications. The goals of our project were to maintain accuracy, large dynamic range, affordability, ruggedness, and high temporal resolution. We have met these goals by combining low-cost telecom components with our proprietary software and spectroscopic measurement strategy. MetroLaser successfully tested and demonstrated several prototype sensors in the hot gases and flames of industrial combustors where the results proved to be in excellent agreement with complimentary observations using chemiluminescence and thermocouples.

Potential Applications
In general, our LTS 100 sensor is very well suited to any process requiring real-time, non-intrusive temperature sensing. That would include most industries that rely on combustion such as aluminum, steel, glass, petroleum, chemicals, forest products, cement, power generation, and others. At an industrial site, we have successfully demonstrated the sensor on a combustion chemical vapor deposition torch that is used in producing coatings on substrates for optical and electronic devices. In addition, the LTS 100 is a valuable research tool for in situ investigations of combustion and flames.

Unique Attributes
The LTS 100 is non-intrusive thus there are none of the time lag, maintenance, lifetime, and calibration problems associated with intrusive or extractive sampling probes. The LTS 100 is a real-time sensor and generates measurements on millisecond time scales. Using a single laser diode through a fiber optic network, our sensor is capable of making measurements at multiple locations simultaneously. By using proven telecom hardware and photonic technology, the LTS 100 is inherently compact, reliable, and affordable.

Market Readiness
We are now assembling our first generation system, the LTS 100, for the simultaneous measurement of temperature and water vapor concentrations in high temperature gas streams. We are currently accepting North American orders and are negotiating worldwide distribution agreements. Within the next quarter, we have lined up several demonstrations at potential customer sites. By adding additional spectral channels, future models will include capabilities to simultaneously monitor multiple chemicals including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, oxygen, hydrocarbons, nitric oxide, and others.

Demonstration System
We have built a demonstration system that is available for short-term trials. To schedule a demonstration or for sales information please contact us at one of the locations below:

For North America (the U.S. and Canada):

Bergmans Mechatronics LLC
101 Springfield Lane
Madison, AL 35758
Tel: (256) 694-3071
Fax: (256) 461-8494
For Outside North America:

LaVision GmbH
Ring 19
Goettingen, Germany
Tel: +49-(0) 551-9004-0
Fax: +49-(0)551-9004-100