A turnkey inline digital holographic microscopy (DHM) instrument for label-free, quantitative microscopic imaging, specialized for detection and tracking of biological and non-biological micro-particles, providing high-throughput, volumetric, 3D characterizations of particle motion


Imaging Preparation

  • Accommodates sample containers in which particles of interest can move freely in 3D (e.g., 2-mm cuvette)
  • 3-axis micron-precision translation stage for precise sample positioning
  • No need to mount on an optical table – robust to vibrations

Hologram Acquisition

  • Observes samples in real time
  • Convenient and fast in taking large datasets

Data Processing

  • HoloPro software – our hologram processing and data analysis powerhouse
  • Ease-to-use realized by intuitive GUI
  • Exceptional speed realized by GPU-acceleration, ideal for extracting statistics from large dataset

Data Analysis

  • 3D data visualization for particle distribution and trajectories
  • Calculation of multiple kinematic parameters
  • Exportation of results in formats readable to other software for additional analysis and visualization
Why MetroDHM?










Application of MetroDHM to bacterial motility research

Our MetroDHM instrument has been used to acquire the motility data of Azospirillum brasilense (A. brasilense), a model soil bacterial specie whose chemotaxis plays an important role in metabolic processes in the rhizosphere. While being imaged, the bacteria are freely swimming in a 2-mm depth cuvette filled with the bacterial minimal medium. Processing of hologram sequences using HoloPro yields 3D trajectories, from which a range of motility parameters as well as motility patterns are extracted. The quantitative results reveal the differences in motility pattern of the wildtype (Sp7) and mutant (cheA4) strains.

Sample: preprocessed hologram sequence acquired at 12 FPS showing freely swimming bacteria

Sample: 1885 trajectories, each longer than 5 seconds, determined from a 90-second hologram sequence acquired at 12 FPS

Sample: Sustained, quantitative, 3D observation of a swimming bacterium for ~80 seconds at 12 FPS

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