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Focusing Schlieren Products

The table below illustrates the basic matrix of focusing schlieren systems and their ranges of utility. Lower frame rates (FPS) and longer shutters correspond to more economical systems, since they require slower cameras and less light.

Digital Focusing Schlieren
* ≤ 3 ft./1 m diameter
* more economical
Analog Projection Focusing Schlieren
* larger areas
* (usually) higher sensitivity
Video Rate (shutter > 1 ms, 100 > FPS) sTube™ with consumer-grade digital display Schlierenscope
Short-Exposure Video Rate (shutter ≥ 1µs, 100 > FPS) sTube™ with our FlashScreen display High-Speed Schlierenscope
High-Speed Short-Exposure Video (shutter ≥ 1µs, 100 < FPS sTube™ with our PowerBox display Custom development (contact

Note: shutter speed and FPS (frames per second) ranges are approximate and may vary somewhat depending on particular hardware specifications.