Holo4D Software

A Robust Tool for Digital Reconstructions

Technical Details

Hologram formats accepted tiff, tif, png, bmp, jpeg , jpg
Hologram types In-line & Off-axis (planar waves)
Inputs Object & reference holograms (latter is optional), illumination wavelength, pixel size (length & width), system magnification, cross term location and size (off-axis holography), propagation distance
Normalization Division, SDPM
Propagation methods Angular Spectrum, Upsampling, Lowpass filtering, Fast Fourier Transform
Pre-propagation features Sinc compensation, Zero padding
De-twinning Two methods: Iterative or SDPM
Optical distortion removal Fixed frequency distortion target (dot-pattern grid) calibration
Simulations Simulate field-of-view, fringes captured, lateral resolution based on imaging sensor, setup and illumination of a spherical object
Measurements Amplitude and Phase (wrapped)
Reconstruction(s) Single or batch processing
Save/Load Settings, reconstruction, simulation
Operating system Windows 10 (64 bit)
CPU Intel Core i3 or faster
Memory 2 GB or more
Screen size 1328 × 510 or larger
Connection Port USB 3.0
License USB dongle (2.27” × 0.75” × 0.42”)

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