MetroLaser’s PhaseCamTM realizes phase shifting interferometry with a single frame using a holographic splitter and phase mask, which freezes vibration and turbulence and enables applications to highly dynamic events in noisy and harsh environments.

Applications: Effects of flow turbulence, shock layers on laser beam propagation in compressible flows such as supersonic/hypersonic boundary layers, shockwaves, separated flows and turbulent wakes, etc.

The Universial PhaseCam is specially suited for time-resolved, high signal quality, wavefront measurements to determine the beam quality in compressible flows. It can be custom designed for installation in wind tunnels and ballistic ranges.


(Highly customizable)

Schematic of MetroLaser’s PhaseCamTM in a double-pass recording configuration. The test area is between the far lens and the reflecting mirror.

Operator adjusting a PhaseCamTM system deployed for aero-optical applications.