ASSURES (Authentication Sensing System Using Resonance Evaluation Spectroscopy)

Technical Description

ASSURES is an Authentication Technology to identify rogue components (flawed, defective, counterfeit, substandard manufacturing) in additively manufactured parts

Principle of Operation
  • Every object possesses a unique vibration spectrum that can serve as a unique authentication signature
  • ASSURES determines the unique/valid vibrational signature of a “good” part from:
    • A known “Good Part”
    • A comparison with other parts in the manufacturing batch
    • A predicted signature from  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 

ASSURES has been proven to be extremely sensitive to:

  1. Changes in Dimensions
  2. Changes in Young’s Modulus (elasticity)
  3. Changes in Poisson’s Ratio
  4. Changes in Density


Figure 1 shows the measured spectrum from ASSURES between a good part and one with a defect. Figure 2(a) and 2(b) show animations of the measured vibration modes between a good part and a defective one. More animations can be seen here: Complex Bracket Animations

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Figure 1. Comparison of the vibrational spectrum between a good part and a defective one.

Figure 2(a). Vibration Mode at 23 kHz from a Good bracket.

Figure 2(b). Vibration Mode at 23 kHz of a Damaged Bracket